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.CO takes the #1 spot and .GG makes the top 10 in last week's top ten list

Morgan Linton
Morgan Linton

This week Ron Jackson released the DNJournal weekly domain sales report and for the first time that I can remember (maybe the first time ever?) .CO took the #1 spot in the weekly sales list and .GG made the cut for the top ten. I don't want to sound dramatic but what's happening in the ccTLD space right now is exciting, really exciting.

Of course I know you want to know what .CO name and what .GG name sold. In .CO, took the top spot at $162,000. Let me pause here just to point something out, .CO and .IO are seeing six-figure sales more than ever. As a .CO and .IO investor myself, my prices have been going up over the last year, if you haven't done the same, it might be time to revisit your pricing. Not investment advice, just me sharing what I'm doing 🤷‍♂️

In the .GG space sold for $49,995. I wrote about this sale in my article last week. The short of it is, this sale made .GG history, you can read more about the sale here.

If you want to take a look at the top ten list, here it is compliments of the one and only DNJournal:

In all honesty, it's pretty crazy to see a one-word .CO beat a solid 3L .COM, and a .GG enjoy a solid spot on the top ten list. The world is changing and just like you can't ignore altcoins in the crypto world, you can no longer ignore ccTLDs, their time has come.

Congrats to the owner of, stellar sale and more proof that companies are willing to pay six-figures to brand on a ccTLD 🚀

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