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Morgan Linton
Morgan Linton

Last week history was made as sold for $49,995 and became the highest reported .GG sale. The domain name was sold by domain name investor Logan Flatt who runs Media Code LLC - Logan announced the sale on Twitter in this tweet:

I have been long .GG for years now, and with good reason - it became the go-to domain name extension in the video game world about five years ago, and has only been gaining popularity over time.

Back in 2019 I wrote an article about how .GG really is everywhere when it comes to eSports and gaming. Today, so many of the top eSports teams and video game companies use the domain extension it's absolutely amazing. And for those wondering, yes - in many cases game companies prefer a .GG to a .COM since it has become the official domain extension of the gaming world.

For those who don't understand what .GG has to do with gaming, let me explain. You know at the end of a baseball game how both teams line up and shake hands? The same thing happens in eSports except both teams say "GG" at the end of the game which stands for "good game."

You can watch an eSports tournament in the US, China, Korea, Italy, all over the world and all the games end with - GG. As more of the world's top eSports teams and game companies flocked to the .GG domain extension, it reached a tipping point maybe three years ago, and from that point forward it has been the go-to domain extension for the gaming world.

I think Logan's sale is a great example of the value people see in .GG domains, and I think that value is only going to grow over time. Congrats to Logan on making history and congrats to the new owner of! 🎉

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