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The .IO train has left the station - sweeps 60% of the top ten list

Morgan Linton
Morgan Linton

It's official - the train has left the station, .IO has become the go-to domain name extension for the crypto and NFT world and the sales aren't slowing down. This week .IO swept the ccTLD sales charts accounting for 60% of the top sales. In fact, four out of the top five ccTLD sales this week were .IO.

Rewind a few years ago and the top ten ccTLD sales would be dominated by .DE and .CO.UK but these previous superstars have been supplanted by a new kid in town.

Top ccTLD Sales
Source - DNJournal

Taking the top spot this week was which sold for $89,999 and not close behind was which went for $88,000. .DE and .CO.UK did make a guest appearance in the top ten list with ESN.CO.UK selling for $28,200 and GE.DE going for $21,780.

I was actually surprised to see a two character .DE go for around $20k, it feels like this should have sold for more. Also in the top ten list is another ccTLD that has been picking up the pace this year, .VC with selling for $18,150.

Overall, looking at this list, it's clear the floor for one-word .IO domains keep rising and pricing solid one-word names in the $25k - $75k range is fair game today.

Just for the heck of it I decided to take a look at .IO sales from 2019 (compliments of NameBio) to compare and it certainly shows how prices on these names has changed. Here's a good example - in December of 2019, sold for $9,000. I don't think any of us would flinch if it went for $90,000 today or even broke into the six-figure range.

I think it's safe to say .IO is here to stay and the prices are clearly only going up.

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