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History was made this week as sold for $175,000

Morgan Linton
Morgan Linton

Well it's official, history was made this week as the highest reported .IO sale is now in the books, the domain name -, the seller, legendary domain name broker Andrew Rosner. I was able to catch-up with Andrew briefly today to get his thoughts on the sale: was a purchase I was really excited about.  It represents a future which is both terrifying as well as incredibly exciting at the same time. The culmination of this sale as the highest ever reported .io domain sale tells me that we are getting closer to that future than folks may believe.”

I was super excited to hear about this sale for two reasons. First, as a .IO investor I think the more six-figure .IO sales that are out there publicly, the more people will see the real value domains have in this extension. Gone are the days of thinking .IO names were only sellable in the sub-$10,000 range, it's clear now premium names are six-figure assets.

The second reason why I was so excited is a bit more geeky. My favorite book of all time is Snowcrash by Neil Stephenson. If you haven't read this book, you should. It introduced me at a young age to the concept of "The Metaverse" which in Ready Player One was represented by the Oasis for any RPO fans out there. Both VR and AR are getting closer and closer to letting us experience the Metaverse that Stephenson dreamed up so many years ago...and yeah, it's damn cool that the top reported .IO sale of all time (right now at least!) is

For those who know Andrew, you know he's one of, if not, the top domain name broker of all time. Andrew knows the value of a good domain name and isn't afraid to ask for a price that he think accurately represents the value of the asset.

Congrats to Andrew on the sale and for making history, to me and all the other .IO investors out there, this is a big deal 🚀