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Three ccTLDs I think have a bright future

Morgan Linton
Morgan Linton

There are more ccTLDs out there than you could possibly imagine, 312 to be exact, but if you're like most people, you won't be able to name more than a few. If you dabble in domains, maybe you could break 10, but you'd have to be one heck of a domain geek to even know 10%.

For a ccTLD to have meaningful liquidity it needs to see a ton of use and active aftermarket bidding. This means if a sold one-word domain name in the specific ccTLD get above $1k, regularly, there's something going on there. Along with meaningful activity in the aftermarket, strong past sales data with recent sales in the five and six figure range is very important.

We all know that .COM is an investment-grade domain name extension which means if you go on any major marketplace you'll see people bidding into the four and five figure range to buy expired domains. While some of the expired domain sales you see come from end users, domain investors get their fair share of investment-grade .COMs through expired domain auctions.

What this all means is that there are two simple metrics that can be used to gauge the investment potential of a ccTLD - the price investors are willing to pay for premium domains and the price end users are willing to pay. If you find a domain extension that regularly sees premium names sell for four or five figures, and have end users sales in the five figure range all the time, there's something going on.

The three ccTLDs that I think are going to perform the best this year are:

  1. .IO - one of the top ccTLDs of 2020 with domains now selling in the six-figure range and lots of buying activity in the four figure range and end-user sales in the five figure range.
  2. .CO - a tried and true investment-grade ccTLD and some investors like Nikul have built amazing .CO portfolios and sell over $100k/year in names. If you want to read more about Nikul's portfolio and his results for 2020 you can take a look here.
  3. .AI - the least-proven out of the three but a ccTLD that has seen some strong indicators that prices are only going up. A little over six-months ago sold for $107,495 and there are more than enough five-figures sales in .AI to make it clear that premiums have nice resale potential.

(Sales data provided by

I will be sharing sales in all of these extensions and more on here so if you're interested in learning more about how these extensions perform over the course of the year feel free to subscribe 🙌

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