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The top three sales in .IO and .CO for the week of 2/14/2020

Morgan Linton
Morgan Linton

While it's probably safe to say that 50% or more of all domain names sales go unreported, there's still a lot of sales data out there. For me personally, my two go-to sources for domain name sales data are DNJournal and NameBio. I track sales from both of these weekly and when it comes to ccTLDs there are two that I pay the most attention to - .IO and .CO.

So I thought it might be fun to start sharing the top three sales in each of these TLDs each week, which means this is hopefully the first post of many.

There's a lot we can learn as investors from past sales. I usually pay attention to a few key things:

1) Number or words - is it a one word or two-word name, and if so, how premium is it?

2) Sales price - I'm always trying to benchmark current sales to make sure when I buy I can hope to lock in a 10x ROI or better on a sale. If I buy a domain name for $1,000 I want to see similar names that have sold for $10,000+ not $1,500.

3) Sales venue - understanding where names sell can help understand where you might want to list names to see the best liquidity.

All that being said, let's get to the good stuff, below are the top three sales in .IO, .CO and .AI over the past week:


1) - $88,000 (sold on
2) - $28,888 (sold on
3) - $24,000 (sold on


1) - $84,000 (sold on Sedo)
2) - $13,800 (sold on Sedo)
3) - $3,000 (sold on Sedo)

(sales data from DNJournal and NameBio)

A few interesting notes to share on this week's sales. First - all the top .IO names sold on, and all the top .CO names sold on Sedo. Also it was interesting to see that both of the top sales in .IO and .CO were in the $80k range. Rewind five years ago and these would be major blockbuster sales, now they're the norm.

This week .IO outperformed .CO with two solid sales in the $20k range. And, last but not least you'll notice, all of the top sales are one word names, no surprises there but still important to mention.

Okay, that's it for this week, thanks for reading and happy Saturday!